Impacted Canines

An impacted canine simply means the tooth in unable to erupt into function. Oral surgeons like Dr. Sedhom have the ability to expose and bracket such impacted teeth through surgical procedure. Often, teeth will erupt naturally or with the help of an orthodontist; however, the older the patient, the more likely the canine will not erupt on its own. Unfortunately, this then requires surgical procedure.

You can expect a limited amount of bleeding from the surgical sites after surgery. Although there will be some discomfort after surgery at the surgical sites, most patients find Tylenol or Advil to be more than adequate to manage any pain they may or may not have. Within a few days after surgery there is usually little pain and medication becomes unnecessary all together. There may be some swelling, but it can be minimized by applying ice to the surgical area. A soft diet is recommended at first, but you may resume your normal diet as soon as you feel comfortable chewing. It is advised that you avoid sharp food because they tend to irritate the surgical site if they disrupt the wound during initial healing. You should plan to see your orthodontist within 1-14 days to activate the eruption process by applying the proper rubber band to the chain on your tooth. As always your doctor is available at the office or can be beeped after hours if any problems should arise after surgery.

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